Eagle County CTC Community Assessment Report

This report describes the results of the data assessment completed as part of Eagle County CTC Phase 3. This report highlights prioritized risk and protective factors specific to the Eagle County community.

Community Assessment Report (docx)


Community Assessment Report SPANISH (docx)


Eagle County CTC prioritized risk factors

Availability of substances

The more available alcohol and other drugs are in a community, the higher the risk for alcohol and other drug use and violence. Perceived availability of drugs is also associated with increased risk.  

Community laws and norms favorable towards drug use

When laws, tax rates and community standards are favorable toward alcohol and other drug use or even when standards are just unclear—young people are at higher risk.

Youth attitudes towards substance use

During the elementary years, children usually express anti-drug, anti-crime and prosocial views. In middle & high school, their attitudes may shift toward greater acceptance, placing them at higher risk. 

Eagle County CTC prioritized protective factors

Opportunities for prosocial involvement in the community

Young people report opportunities to participate in positive activities and interactions with prosocial adults in their neighborhood. 

Opportunities for prosocial involvement in schools

Opportunities are available for young people to participate meaningfully in their classroom and school.  

Opportunities for prosocial involvement for familes

Young people report having opportunities to participate meaningfully in family responsibilities and activities with their parents or caregivers. 

Eagle County CTC Community Resource Assessment

The Eagle County CTC Resource Assessment and Evaluation workgroup began meeting in October of 2017. This group was tasked with collecting information on local programs, policies, and practices in Eagle County that promote positive youth development. The workgroup then looked at the existing resources and determined what the gaps were in those resources. This report outlines the recommendations for filling the gaps that, coupled with the Community Risk Assessment Report, will lay the foundation for the Eagle County Community Action Plan. 

Community Resource Assessment Report Eagle County CTC.docx (pdf)